I am writing in reference to the article “Prairie dog colony exterminated Friday,” which appeared in the Daily Camera on Nov. 11.

Prairie dogs are innocent, intelligent, social, highly sentient beings. First of all, using the term “exterminated” is reprehensible. It’s the developers who don’t give a damn about anything but lining their pockets. The issue of them murdering prairie dogs needs to be addressed by the citizens who care about animals and are frustrated by too much development. It is occurring everywhere around us. The methods that were used to murder (and that is exactly the correct term because they were, indeed, murdered) the prairie dogs were the most cruel and inhumane.

But, of course, the “pest” controllers couldn’t care less about that. The caption under the photograph was, “Pest control is out Friday afternoon….” It’s not the prairie dogs — or any other animals, for that matter — who are the pests. It’s the humans who encroach on the environments of these — and all — animals.

  • There are hundreds of animal-rights activists and prairie dog advocates who would have been more than willing, ready, and able to relocate the prairie dogs.The problem is finding a location where there is land for the prairie dogs to be safe. And because of human encroachment and exponential development in Boulder County, as well as other counties, this has become increasingly difficult, if not impossible

What happened to these prairie dogs is a metaphor for what is happening to animals all over our beloved state. How long are we going to let it continue?

Suzanne Westgaard